in elementary school john lennon had a homework that asked “what do you want two be when you grow up” and he replied “happy”. the teacher say “you donot understand the assignment” and jjohn lennon said “u dont understand LIFE”. that teacher was albert einstein. reblog if you love god

not changing your url to maintain your brand recognition

I’m gonna feed you to my pigs!











Dear STFU-Moffat and associates,

From now on, I insist you describe Steven Moffat as “Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat.” Just to make sure you’re being fair.

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat is a queerbaiting hack

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat’s writing features sexism and overly complicated plots that don’t really make any sense.

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat has characters needlessly tell the viewer information that he should be showing them.

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat is incapable of creating real emotional stakes in his stories.

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat calls teenage mother a ‘slut’ in DVD commentary

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat says bisexuals are too busy having sex to watch television, and therefore don’t need representing.

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat thinks asexuals are too boring to write about. 

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat thinks that rather than having a female Doctor, it’s about time a man played the Queen despite the fact that men had all the roles of any kind for over 400 years.

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat hasn’t had a woman writer for doctor who since Russell T. Davies

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat won an award from an entertainment industry that is to its bones highly racist, sexist, homophobic, amongst a host of other things, including being extremely resistant to change, and as a result, Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat is rewarded for being less than mediocre, incomprehensible, and offensive as fuck.

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat encourages and participates in rape culture by blaming women when men ogle them and making light of sexual assault. 

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat uses every Orientalist trope under the sun and constantly dehumanises, shames and dismisses women of colour. 


I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life but at least I didn’t just give Steven Moffat an Emmy






you’re walking in the woods

there is no one around

and your phone is dead

out of the corner of your eye you spot him

                                                                                                    shia labeouf


third wheeling two girls who are best friends is so much worse than third wheeling a couple

because im bored as hell (and these are fun)

[1] you;
1. most people call you?: Imogen (not a fan of nicknames)
2. when’s your birthday?: june 22nd
3. is your current hair color your natural hair color?: mostly but I have some highlights
4. what are you complimented on most?: honestly probably my clothes and hair - when I make an effort it’s fairly noticeable because the rest of the time I’m a gross slob.
5. what do you do for fun?: I watch a lot of television. Best fun is cooking, seeing friends or eating popcorn and watching tv with my bf.

[2] family;
1. are your parents still together?: yes
2. how old are your siblings, if you have any?: 27
3. are you the tallest one in your family?: no I’m very short.
4. do you have the same name as one of your relatives? no
5. how many letters are there in your last name?: 4

[3] friends;
1. do you have a lot of friends?: not really
2. what do you guys do when you’re together?: eat food mostly
3. have you ever lost a friend because of something stupid?: possibly. but nothing springs to mind.
4. have you made any new friends this year?: no but I’ve rekindled some old friendships
5. who’s the last friend you hung out with?: Robert

[4] your best friend(s);

1. how’d you meet him/her?: I don’t honestly have a best friend… but I shall answer on a close friend?
2. do you live near each other?: not really
3. how long have you been best friends?: known for 5 yrs
4. do you tell him/her everything?: no not everything
5. would you do anything for them?: i’d do a lot

[5] boyfriend/girlfriend; (skip if single…)
1. How long have you liked this person?: 5 years
2. How long have you been going out?: 5 years
3. Who asked who out?: he got all drunk and kissed me.
4. Do you love him/her?: yes
5. Do you think you’ll be together forever?: well we’re getting married next year so I hope so

[6] single life; (skip if taken…) 
1. how long have you been single?:
2. who ended your last relationship?:
3. do you wish you were in a relationship?:
4. as of today, do you like anyone?:
5. if so, do you think it’ll go anywhere?: 

[7] who’s;
1. a person you’d travel across the country to see?: most of my friends tbh
2. someone you would do anything for?: my fiance, my niece
3. someone you’d die for?: my niece
4. a person you’ve known for your entire life?: family
5. your favorite person?: my niece probably. she’s kind of the bomb.

[8] have you ever;

1. sang a solo in front of a large audience?: lol no
2. been in trouble with the cops?: no
3. got a tattoo?: no
4. kicked a guy in the junk?: don’t think so
5. pretended to be happy?: yeah probably not well though

[9] do you believe;
1. in god?: agnostic
2. in satan? no
3. that everything happens for a reason?: no
4. in love at first sight?: no
5. that there’s such a thing as true love?: depends on the definition tbh.

[10] school; (skip if you work…)
1. what grade are you in?:
2. do you get good grades?:
3. are you the teacher’s pet?:
4. have you ever been sent to the principal’s office?:
5. do you plan on going to college?:

[11] work; (skip if you don’t have a job…) :((((((((((
1. how long have you been working at your job?: just over 1 year
2. what do you do there?: I am a copywriter, but basically do comms, marketing, bit of everything because we’re a very small company
3. what’s your favorite part about it?: i work at home!
4. do you think you’ll work there your entire life?: unlikely

[12] pets; N/A

1. what was your first pet’s name?: sally (hamster)
2. do you currently have any pets?: yes
3. do you always remember to feed/water them?: my dad does
4. have you ever had a pet fish?: yes
5. what’s the strangest animal you’ve had for a pet?: all pretty normal tbh.

[13] last time you…;
1. told someone you loved them?: fiance
2. had sex?: yesterday
3. drove a car?: never
4. went to burger king?: oh god over 5 years ago
5. made someone cry?: year? not sure.

[14] yesterday;
1. what did you do?: worked, watched tv.. not much

2. was it a good day?: it was ok.

3. did you hang out with any friends?: no

4. did you get in any trouble?: no
5. was it better than today?: no today was good

[15] today;
1. what day is it?: thursday
2. did you do anything fun?: travelled around london viewing event venues for work and met my boss in stratford westfield
3. did you have to work?: yes but good work
4. where did you go?: liverpool st, south bank, euston, stratford
5. what are you doing tonight?: exhausted from walking around so sleeeeep!